Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Public Enemies gets permit to film in Madison's Capitol

'Public Enemies' starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale receives a permit to shoot at Madison's Capitol, go here to read about it:

Johnny Depp in the Dells with "Public Enemies"?

I've been told that JohnnyDepp and the "Public Enemies" cast and crew arrived in the Dells yesterday, it's near Mirror Lake.  Seems some extra filming is happening and I understand that Christian Bale will be there as well. Seems a car trailer was spotted pulling 1930's cars up the highway there. More news as we get it.

Oshkosh extra tells their story

Being Public Enemy "extra" a real eye-opener to method of movies

Chicago Public Enemies filming in May

Here's some Chicago "Public Enemies" filming information, it's being reported that Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and the rest of the "Public Enemies" crew and cast are scheduled to be filming the exterior scenes at the Biograph Theater and that they will use the Portage Theater for some interior shots. Filming resumes in Chicago "mid" May...and is supposed to run for 6 weeks.

Go here to read about it, scroll down:,CST-FTR-zp30.article

Some questions about the Public Enemies filming

OK, we've all been wondering if there was or wasn't filming going on earlier this week in Little Bohemia. Tackling this situation as if it were a puzzle, I think we've had all the pieces of the puzzle, but weren't putting them together right. Just work with me on this, as I submit this for your consideration.

We know that they had a fire last Wed, but they said that they didn't lose any time.

They did lose a day to the snow last week and they issued a press notice about a weather related 1 day extention.

On Friday they said that they needed a 1 day extension to do some further filming because Depp, Bale and Mann wanted some more work done.
This is what was getting us confused.

OK then maybe they took a couple of days off over the weekend. It was reported that they had left Manitowish. BUT they didn't say that they wouldn't be back. lol

BUT they werern't done filming yet. The only way this makes sense is that the church needed its parking lot for Saturday and Sunday services. The trucks were supposed to be out of there in time for weekend servies. Catholic churches have Mass on Saturday evenings and Sunday. base camp had to be gone. So they cleared out. Everyone thought that they had finished filming.

But they hadn't finished. They had 2, 1-day extentions. One to make up for snow and one for Mann to do more filming or reshoots.

Friday, April 25 this said that they would extend 1 day to allow for more filming some scenes

Then yesterday this restates what we heard last week about how they had to extend 1 day for weather related issues
That's a 2 day extension...that puts them filming through yesterday (Tues) and maybe today (wed) if the filming was at night. Maybe they just relocated base camp?

We know the cast/crew had at least one, if not two days off this weekend.

So there ya go... that's why they were still in Little Bo...or so I think. ;)

It's the only way it makes sense.

This pushed back Beaver Dam and Columbus, but that could let them get back on schedule for Milwaukee on the weekend of the 2nd.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Public Enemies' filming could limit movement in Madison, WI next week.

'Public Enemies' filming could limit movement in Madison, WI next week. This film stars Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and is being directed for Universal by Michael Mann, also starrting is Christian Bale as the FBI agent tracking Dillinger, Melvin Purvis. The film is based on the Bryan Burrough book by the same name.

"Public Enemies" random news

Here are a couple of bits about the Oshkosh museum and also about the Illinois Governor wanting Johnny Depp. (I think there's a line.)

Oshkosh Public Museum to get “Public Enemies” props

The Illinois Governor wants Depp?
Oh and there's a lovely bit there too about our upcoming interview with ChicagoActor!

"Public Enemies" gets some time off

It looks like Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast and crew of "Public Enemies" are getting a little time off before the scheduled filming this coming weekend. In the meantime, this bit about the Little Bohemia filming is interesting:,CST-NWS-SNEED29.article

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp has pushed back its return to Columbus

"Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp has pushed back its return to Columbus and the Beaver Dam location filming.

Nothing new overnight, looks like they could be getting a few days off!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Public Enemies" filming in Beaver Dam now May 5 or 6

Another date change today now pushes the "Public Enemies" filming with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale back to May 5 or 6. It's reported that this is due to schedule conflicts with some of the actors.

Beaver Dam pushed back to May 5 or 6

"Public Enemies" filming next week

There still seems to be some confusion about the "Public Enemies" filming next week, I've heard the weather forecast is for possible snow. yikes

So here's what we have as of right now about Johnny Depp and "Public Enemies" for next week.

This appears to be updated and has filming in Columbus on Tuesday the 29 and Beaver Dam on Wednesday the 30th

Streetwise: Hollywood gave downtown a much needed boost

"Public Enemies" filming updates

"Public Enemies" and Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are scheduled to complete filming at Little Bohemia today, these two articles surfaced over night.

"Public Enemies" appealing to public

Everest grad lands role in 'Public Enemies'

Friday, April 25, 2008

"Public Enemies" and Johnny Depp to film one more day at Little Bohemia

It's being reported that Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale will spend one more day filming at Little Bohemia. They say it's not fire related.

"Public Enemies" filming in WI continues next week

Despite some conflicting (?) reports on exact dates, Johnny Depp and his gangsters continue filming "Public Enemies" in Wisconsin next week as they film in both Columbus again as well as Beaver Dam. It's reported that they will move to Chicago for five or six weeks of filming and that filming is now expected to go into July, rather than wrap in June.

Here are some links for some great information!

Chicago "Public Enemies" news:

Confusing Columbus and Beaver Dam filming date news - so...are they in Columbus on Monday or in Beaver Dam on Monday? Both? Neither?

Two Beaver Dam filming info including news that filming will extend into July

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Public Enemies" Milwaukee filming date pushed back?

Looks like the Johnny Depp starrer "Public Enemies" is pushing the Milwaukee filming date back in until the weekend of May 2.
Go here to read what they are saying about the date change:

And here they say PE is due back in Columbus next week.

"Public Enemies" in Beaver Dam and Milwaukee next week?

"Public Enemies" location information keeps popping up, so here are a couple of really interesting items that detail (with pictures!!) what's going on now in Beaver Dam and also in Milwaukee, as both locations prep for next week's scheduled filming. Street closure information has some streets in Milwaukee closed starting Monday, April 28 for the filming, and it's reported that Beaver Damn filming is scheduled for the 30.

"Public Enemies" stars Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and Christian Bale as his relentless hunter FBI "G Man" Melvin Purvis. The film is based on the true crime book, "Public Enemies" written by Bryan Burrough and is being directed for Universal by Michael Mann.

Beaver Dam prep work is going on, and there are some great photos on this site, where they list the filming date as Wednesday, April 30.

And then this column has really great pictures of the interior building renovations (including the bank vault) going on in Milwaukee as they prep for filming there that could begin as early as Monday the 28th.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Public Enemies" to film in Madison in early May

"Public Enemies" is scheduled to film in Madison during the first part of May. While Johnny Depp stars in this Michael Mann film, he's not reported to be in every scene filmed in Madison. My best guess would also have Christian Bale who plays FBI "G-Man" Melvin Purvis and Billy Crudup who's portraying FBI crime czar J. Edgar Hoover in some of these Madison scenes.

Here's more about the filming in Madison;

Small fire reported on Public Enemies set at Little Bohemia


News sources are reporting a small electrical fire at Little Bohemia, the location where Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" is filming this week.

Here are the news items about it:

"Public Enemies" continues filming plans in many locations

Based on Bryan Burrough's book, Universal's "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, continues its filming at Little Bohemia however there is more news about other location filming this morning as well. More as we get it.

Milwaukee filming news
Old building reverts to type for film role

Public Enemies sneak peek

Crown Point news
Dillinger Museum for sale

Columbus, WI news
Public Enemies will return to Columbus for shoot out scene

"Public Enemies" filming tonight at Little Bohemia

"Public Enemies" filming is going on tonight even as I type, in Little Bohemia, the actual location of the April 23, 1934 shoot out between John Dillinger and the FBI. Depp's playing John Dillinger and Chrisian Bale is his nemesis, FBI Agent Melvin Purvis. The Universal film is being directed by Michael Mann. Here's a great update on tonight's filming. The film is based on Bryan Burrough's true crime book by the same name, be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fans look for Johnny Depp at Little Bohemia

Something was going on in the Little Bohemia area today, but security is tight and the "Public Enemies" set is closed. Everyone's looking for the star, Johnny Depp. Click here for a report on today's Depp watching.

"Public Enemies" moved to the Little Bohemia resort for the big FBI - Dillinger gang shoot out!

"Public Enemies" has moved to the Little Bohemia resort for the big FBI - Dillinger gang shoot out! That scene should give us not only Johnny Depp but Christian Bale too, who play's the FBI's head Dillinger hunter Melvin Purvis. Michael Mann is directing the film for Universal and it's based on the true crime book of the same name by Bryan Burrough.

Pictures of Little Bohemia being readied for film shoot can be seen here.

And this is a great report from an Oshkosh PE extra!

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Public Enemies" news about LIttle Bohemia and the monetary effect on Oshkosh

The filming of "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp has generated a couple of news items, so here's the update on the money left in Oshkosh and then a bit about today's filming at Little Bohemia.

"Public Enemies" begins filming at resort,
go here to read about Little Bohemia.

"Public Enemies" Leave Big Money in Oshkosh, click for the article.

"Public Enemies" filming in Milwaukee this week?

Here's an article that gives street closures and information about Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" filming in Milwaukee this week. According to this report, filming is going on in Manitowish Waters at the Little Bohemia resort today, but street closures in Milwaukee are beginning today.

'Public Enemies' filming to begin at Manitowish Waters' Little Bohemia Lodge

More on this week's "Public Enemies" upcoming filming at Manitowish Waters' Little Bohemia Lodge. The film stars Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and Christian Bale as FBI agent Melvin Purvis, the man who's mission was to get Dillinger. "Public Enemies" is being directed by Michael Mann and is based on the true crime book of the same name by Bryan Burrough.

'Enemies' shooting moves to Little Bohemia Lodge

Filming begins today at Manitowish Waters' Little Bohemia Lodge

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Johnny Depp and 'Public Enemies' moves to Little Bohemia this week

Johnny Depp and the filming of 'Public Enemies' is reportedly going to begin filming this week at the Little Bohemia resort where John Dillinger and his gang successfully fled from the FBI.

Northwoods buzzes as 'Public Enemies' filming begins

Johnny Depp movie filming in real John Dillinger hideout in Mequon, Wis.,depp042008.article

Filming wraps up this weekend on Johnny Depp film

Just a couple of things this morning, as we know 'Public Enemies' filming is down for the weekend:

Filming wraps up this weekend on Johnny Depp film
Johnny seen in Appleton

Saturday, April 19, 2008

'Public Enemies' filming wraps, Johnny Depp leaves Oshkosh

"Public Enemies" star Johnny Depp met with fans one final time last night in Oshkosh before boarding his plane and heading home to Los Angeles. Here are several articles, some with pictures, that detail yesterday's activities.

Michael Mann is directing Depp in 'Public Enemies', a film that's based on the Bryan Burrough book by the same name. It's expected to hit the theaters on July 1, 2009.

More as we get it!

Filming Wraps Up In Oshkosh On Johnny Depp Film

Public Enemies filming ends in Oshkosh

Shoot wraps up, Johnny greets fans, leaves town

Movie extra dentist not giving up his day job

Weekend street closures for Oshkosh tear down

Friday, April 18, 2008

"Public Enemies" to wrap filming in Oshkosh

It appears that today's 'Public Enemies' filming is a wrap. Word is circulating that again tonight, the film's star, Johnny Depp could meet and greet with the fans there in Oshkosh.

More news items today:
Last Day of Filming "Public Enemies" in Downtown Oshkosh (video and story)
Found here.

Movie Fans Try to Get Final Glimpse of Johnny Depp (video and story)
Click here.

Prepping in Little Bohemia for filming there
Go here.

Public Enemies continues filming in Oshkosh today and Saturday, April 19

Johnny Depp's 'Public Enemies' continues filming today and is scheduled to film tomorrow, Saturday. Here are some news items AND a casting call for Miami antique cars! Yup...antique cars, circa 1930 to 1935 in the Miami area in late June.... hmmmm

Here are some news things from this afternoon,
Rain delayed some filming yesterday, filming to go into Saturday

'Public Enemies' resumes inside bank building on day six

Live in or near Miami? Have an antique car?

Ad in Miami Herald found here.
WANTED The Universal Production Of "Public Enemies" Starring Johnny Depp Will Be Filming In Miami In The End Of June 2008. We Are Looking For Your 1930-1935 Antique Cars, Trucks, & Buses, To Use During Filming. We Are Looking For Vehicles That Look Original In Exterior Color & Condition. Please Email Your Pictures And Contact Info To: pechicago@ Or Call Howard Bachrach @ 312-287-7950

Publication Source
The Miami Herald ---

Public Enemies' Johnny Depp visits with fans again

Johnny Depp not only filmed scenes for his upcoming Universal Studios picture 'Public Enemies' he also found time for another meet and greet. And the studio continues to scout locations for upcoming scenes.

Scouts continue to look for Winnebago County shooting locations

Local girl proposes to Johnny
Read more about it and see pics here on our main forum. There are many Johnny encounters there!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

'Public Enemies' author Bryan Burrough chats online with The Northwestern's Streetwise

"Public Enemies" author Bryan Burrough chatted online today with The Northwestern's "Streetwise." It's a great interview, take a minute to read it!

Oshkosh filming of Public Enemies tries to beat the rain

Public Enemies with Johnny Depp continued to film this afternoon reportedly trying to finish before the predicted rain.

Here's an article about them trying to get done before the rain comes!

And some info about the role the EAA plays in the movie

'Public Enemies' pictures from today's Oshkosh set

Here are some great pics from today's 'Public Enemies' set in Oshkosh. Johnny Depp stars in this film as legendary gangster John Dillinger.

Main Street Oshkosh became downtown Sioux Falls this morning

'Public Enemies' filming reportedly started early this morning when gun shots rang out in downtown Oshkosh as Johnny Depp continued filming the Sioux Falls bank robbery of 1934. Michael Mann is directing the Universal Studios film based on Bryan Burrough's true crime book by the same name.

Here's an article with a picture, detailing this morning's action and street closures for Oshkosk.

More street closures here:

Johnny Depp fulfills dreams, oh and he also is also filming 'Public Enemies' in Oshkosh

Johnny Depp continued his filming of "Public Enemies" last night in Oshkosh, but more importantly, he fulfilled dreams! To read some really sweet, generous and heart warming accounts from the fan meet and greets last night and on the 14th, please go
here to our main forum and scroll through to read the really kind actions of Mr. Depp towards his fans.

Overnight Oshkosh news items:

"Public Enemies" cast, crew back at work; crowd cheers Depp's return to set

Depp takes time out to meet with his fans - thousands of them

Little Bohemia News

Area blogger news of Little Bo preparations

Daughter thrilled late father's truck will be filmed in Manitowish Waters

Return to Columbus update from the Mayor

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Johnny Depp still there for his fans, after today's Public Enemies filming

After another long day of 'Public Enemies' filming in Oshkosh, Johnny Depp's security came out and made it clear to the crowd waiting that Johnny was a little anxious with the amount of people and would rather disappoint everyone than have one person get hurt. That said, he did come out to the entire street of waiting fans, shaking hands as he had done Monday.

( Thanks to Rachel on for the news)

This afternoon's and evening's news items:
More street closures
"Public Enemies" Keeps Public Away
Wanted - Depp extras
Streetwise: Lunching with Depp fans as the cameras roll

Public Enemies films Sioux Falls get-away today

'Public Enemies' with Johnny Depp, is scheduled to move back to downtown Oshkosh for the next three days to film the historic get-away scenes that happened in Sioux Falls.

This just in about what's happening in Oshkosh today:

Here is an article that details yesterday's 'Public Enemies' shooting driving scenes on Wiouwash Trail in town of Clayton (includes pictures)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Public Enemies, from Oshkosh to the country and back

'Public Enemies' filming with Johnny Depp changed locations today, from city to country. Here are some afternoon and evening reports. There's also a link to a new "Streetwise" video report that's a ton of fun!

"Streetwise" and the effects of filming on business, too fun!

PE filming and the effects on Oshkosh businesses

PE moves to the country

Public Enemies filming has moved to Winnebago County

Johnny Depp is on the move as the 'Public Enemies' filming switches to Winnebago County this afternoon. Read about the caravan and also what filming is planned for tomorrow on site site:

And here's a new link to a news vid from yesterday's meet and greet:]

Public Enemies filming continues in Oshkosh, then moves to Winnebago County

'Public Enemies' filming with Johnny Depp is slated to continue this morning, and then according to the article below, is scheduled to move to Winnebago County.

Johnny Depp there for fans again at Oshkosh meet and greet last night

There is a lot of news this morning about last night's meet and greet with Johnny Depp. After filming "Public Enemies" all day there in Oshkosh, Johnny greeted fans who'd waited all day for a chance to see the film's star. Everyone reports that the crowd was polite, patient and respectful.

Here are a series of links of news items about both Oshkosh and also bits about the upcoming filming at Little Bohemia.

I'm also including a link to a blog, that tells about a very sweet encounter with Johnny and her son. She's posted it on our main forum and I'd love to share it here as well.

Here's what's out there this morning about Oshkosh and Little Bohemia!

Public Enemies continues shoot

Photo update

Depp fans crowd Public Enemies Oshkosh site

Fans have singular devotion to Johnny

Blog notes about Little Bohemia
Scroll down for Little Bohemia mention,CST-NWS-SNEED15.article

Monday, April 14, 2008

Johnny Depp's 'Public Enemies' issues new casting calls for Madison

The casting people for "Public Enemies" have reportedly issued two new casting calls for people in Madison, WI in May. Johnny Depp is currently filming the Michael Mann film in Oshkosh. Be sure to read the entire article!

**Updating to add this link about Madison

'Public Enemies' afternoon filming brings gunfire to the Oshkosh set

This afternoon's filming brings the sound of gunfire to the 'Public Enemies' set in Oshkosh where Johnny Depp is starring as 1930s gangster John Dillinger.

PUBLIC ENEMIES' Johnny Depp rehearses getaway outside Oshkosh's Masonic Temple this morning

PUBLIC ENEMIES' Johnny Depp rehearses what appears to be bank heist and getaway scenes outside Oshkosh's Masonic Temple. The link below takes you to a video clip of what's reported to be the rehearsals of a couple of scenes in Oshkosh that were filmed this morning. The film stars Johnny Depp as gangster John Dillinger, is being directed by Michael Mann and is based on the true crime book of the same name by Bryan Burrough.

Johnny Depp to be back in Oshkosh this morning

Johnny Depp and the Public Enemies cast and crew are scheduled to be filming this morning in Oshkosh around the Masonic Temple area. These should be, at least, the Sioux Falls bank heist scenes, if not more. Director Michael Mann has reportedly been using cities and locations for multiple scenes.

Here are this morning's 'Public Enemies' news items -

Downtown Oshkosh returns to the '30s

Extra! Extra! Click here for stories, bios, timelines and more on Dillinger, his gang and the FBI

Here are
pics from The Fedora Lounge forum where you will find some great pics of PE extras in their Fedoras!

And this
one is a great piece about Aurora's "DeppWatch 08" it's a very fun read about the very gracious Depp and his devoted fans.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Public Enemies films again Monday in Oshkosh

Johnny Depp and the cast of 'Public Enemies' reportedly had today off. Filming is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning, Monday, April 14 in the vicinity of the Masonic Lodge. I've also heard that Little Bohemia, where they plan to film later, has tightened up their security. And it's rumored that there could be a meet and greet Monday night. Everyone on their best behaviour please. ;)

Here are some of today's articles about Oshkosh getting those final details in order:
Downtown Oshkosh ready for its close-up

This article says that they are believed to be filming four days this week in Oshkosh

New pics

A blog entry from an extra here:

Funny article: Nine Rules for Gawking

Getting Caught Up in PE Mania OK:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Public Enemies filming over night in Oshkosh

Picture from the Oshkosh Northwestern

The filming of Public Enemies with Johnny Depp was in action over night in Oshkosh where Basler Flight Services, filled in for 1930s Chicago's Midway Airport where Dillinger was taken after his arrest in Tucson. Filming is expected to continue there though the twentieth as Oshkosh fills in for Sioux Falls where Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Homer Van Meter and their gang robbed the First National Bank while people were convinced they were watching a movie filming. The word on the street is that after filming in Oshkosh is completed they will move to Little Bohemia area to film the notorious FBI - Dillinger gang shoot out. 'Public Enemies' is being directed by Michael Mann and is based on Bryan Burrough's true crime book by the same name.

There is a really clever, cute clip done 1930s style found here.

And a really great photo gallery.

Pics also are here from Lynnsown. and here from T.J. Holdren. Thanks to them for making these pics available from their flickr accounts.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Johnny Depp arrives in Oshkosh and filming begins

Finally, Johnny Depp arrives on 'Public Enemies' set in Oshkosh and filming quickly moves to the airport and a vintage plane. To read about the filming and see the pics, click here.

Then go here to read how "Public Enemies" takes over an Oshkosh hangar.

And to read the first hand accounts from on the spot fans, be sure to visit Rod's Public Enemies Columbus blog and read today's comments detailing what's going on as people from Oshkosh check in.

More as we get it!

"Public Enemies" afternoon filming update

Late afternoon updates and information about Oshkosh's 'Public Enemies' filming with Johnny Depp are popping up on the net. Go to this site where you'll find a ton of information and links that you'll want to save.

And it says here that the rain won't stop Public Enemies from filming later today.

Bryan Burrough, "Public Enemies" author showcased

With all of the chat about Dillinger, Depp and the filming of "Public Enemies" these past weeks, rising to the top of today's news is an article showcasing the man who made this film possible. Author Bryan Burrough talks about his book and what happens when its sold to Hollywood. A must read for everyone following the filming of this movie.

To read about Bryan and his book click here. Haven't read the book yet? You still have time.

Overnight Public Enemies updates from Oshkosh

Rain, cold, wind brrrrrrrrrrr

There are a couple of news items about what to expect today and over the next week regarding filming of Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies".

Some downtown stores will close the 16 - 18 for filming, for this and more info
click here.

A busy weekend for Oshkosh, movie filming, a marathon and more. Go
here for the update.

Public Enemies filming in Oshkosh tomorrow - Road blocks and detours and snow! OH MY!

"Public Enemies" is scheduled to begin filming tomorrow in Oshkosh with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale with Michael Mann directing. Below I've included the weather report for that area and the latest in street and city information.

Here's the latest about Oshkosh road blocks and detours for Friday.

Oshkosh weather forecast SNOW! brrrrrrrrrrr
Strong easterly winds may gust between 30-40 mph at times, especially along the Lakeshore. By Friday night, rain amounts for much of the area will range between 1-3". Snow amounts in the North will reach 4-8" with amounts over 8" near the WI-MI stateline! You can find more details on StormCenter 2 24x7 on digital channel 2-2, Time Warner 702, Charter 225, and Comcast 245.

TONIGHT: Rain, heavy at times. T'storms possible. The rain will mix with snow in the north with all snow likely in the far north near the WI-MI stateline (see above text for accumulation). Windy with gusts to 40 mph. Stronger gusts possible along the Lakeshore.
LOW: 35
WIND: E 15-30 mph

FRIDAY: Scattered rain with some snow early. The mix should change to all snow late in the day. Still windy.
HIGH: 42 LOW: 31
WIND: ENE 15-25 mph

SATURDAY: Cloudy and windy with occasional light snow. Chilly.
HIGH: 37 LOW: 27

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Public Enemies" Filming in Oshkosh Starts Friday

This just in:

"Public Enemies" Filming in Oshkosh Starts Friday

News from Oshkosh this afternoon brings us all up to date on what's happened today in the downtown filming area, for the latest details click here.

The city is also updating their announcements of anything having to do with closures or possible inconveniences during the filming of "Public Enemies" on the
city's web site.

"Public Enemies" comes to Oshkosh today

Correction: Filming is scheduled to begin Friday in Oshkosh.

Johnny Depp and the "Public Enemies" production crew have moved to Oshkosh, filming is scheduled to begin Friday. It's been reported that Oshkosh will stand in for Sioux Falls so they can replicate the great Sioux Falls robbery, where Dillinger's "advance man" Homer Van Meter arrived in the real Sioux Falls a day early to scope out the layout of the city and plan the "git," while there he told the citizens that he was there scouting locations for film that had a bank robbery scene in it. So the citizens, the next day, thought they were watching a film being made.

"Public Enemies" is based Bryan Burrough's book of the same name. The Universal Pictures film is being directed by Michael Mann and also stars Stephen Dorff as Homer Van Meter, Christian Bale as FBI agent Melvin Purvis and Marion Cotillard as Dillinger's girlfriend Billie Frechette.

Today's new information about Oshkosh filming, includes businesses affected and city services

And new updated pics of Oshkosh
right here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Johnny's fan 'meet and greet' in Aurora, IL

Public Enemies filming gets ready to move to Oshkosh

Filming on Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" continues in Chicago while Oshkosh is ready to welcome the cast as filming is scheduled to begin there tomorrow, April 10. The rubber cobblestone steps are ready to be rolled out.

From the City of Oshkosh:

City of Oshkosh “Public Enemies” Update- April 9, 2008

Oshkosh, Wis. – To accommodate preparation and filming needs for Universal Studios’ “Public
Enemies” movie, the Oshkosh Police Department has released the following municipal updates:

􀂃 Beginning Thursday, April 10, N. Main Street will be closed between Church Avenue and High
Avenue. Algoma Boulevard will also be closed between N. Main Street through Brown Street.
Market Street between High Avenue and Algoma Boulevard will be also closed. In addition,
Washington Avenue will be closed between N. Main Street and Jefferson Street as well as
between State Street and Court Street. Mt. Vernon Street will also be closed between
Northwestern Avenue and Washington Avenue.

􀂃 Beginning Saturday, April 12, Washington Avenue will be closed between Court Street and
Broad Street. Court Street will also be closed from Waugoo Street to Washington Avenue.
During the Oshkosh ½ Marathon on Saturday morning the roadway between Court Street and
Broad Street will remain open.

􀂃 Beginning Monday, April 14, Jefferson Street will be closed from Washington Avenue to 100 feet
north. In addition, State Street will be closed from Waugoo Street to Washington Avenue.

􀂃 A map of the anticipated street closures is posted on the city website:

􀂃 Parking in the downtown area will be limited and parking regulations will be enforced.

􀂃 Overnight parking regulations have been waived during this time and cars can be parked on the
street overnight as long as they are legally parked on odd sides of the street on odd dates and
even sides of the street on even dates.

􀂃 The public is encouraged to use public transportation during this period. City of Oshkosh bus
routes will be running in downtown Oshkosh. For more information on bus routes and times,
please call the Oshkosh Transit System office at (920) 232-5340 or visit them on the city
􀂃 Pedestrian traffic is allowed in downtown outside of the barricaded areas

These articles have more information about the fiming in Oshkosh.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Depp doesn't disappoint

Filming on Johnny Depp's film "Public Enemies" ran long yesterday, way long. And Johnny had said he'd come out and do a meet and greet with the fans in Aurora, IL after filming. Filming wrapped a little before 11pm, and yet Depp came out for about 35+ minutes to shake hands and take pictures IN THE RAIN with those who had been there waiting all day. And after he'd worked a reported eighteen hour day himself. A man of his word, that Johnny Depp.

"Public Enemies" resumes filming again with Depp and the other most wanted public enemies on Friday, the 10th in Oshkosh. They are expected to be there about ten days.

You can read more about how a man honors a promise to his fans here.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Shawn Hatosy is added to Johnny Depp's Public Enemies

Shawn Hatosy has reportedly been cast in Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" as FBI agent John Madala. The film is directed by Michael Mann and is filming at various locations in Illinois this week.

Public Enemies filming will move to Oshkosh this week

This report is just in, saying that Public Enemies' Oshkosh filming will go for 10 days, with Johnny Depp in town starting later this week.

The Public Enemies cast and crew were filming at the Paramount Theater in Aurora, Il today. Public Enemies is being directed by Michael Mann for Universal Pictures and is based on the book by the same name written by Bryan Burrough.

Johnny Depp does a meet and greet in Aurora!

Yup. That's right, while in Aurora filming Public Enemies, Johnny Depp's doing a fan meet 'n' greet today in Aurora! In the area? Hurry! Here's the info.

Public Enemies filming moves to Aurora

Public Enemies filming with Johnny Depp as legendary gangster John Dillinger moves to Aurora today to film at Aurora's Paramount Theater. Michael Mann is directing, Christian Bale plays FBI agent Melvin Purvis who's out to get Dillinger at all cost.

The film is based on the true crime book of the same name written by Bryan Burrough.

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are good to their fans on the Public Enemies set

Thisis a nice story about Depp and Bale and their fans. They take the time and we appreciate it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Public Enemies -new pics from Chicago set

These pics show Marion Cotillard on the Chicago set of Johnny Depp's Public Enemies. Cotillard plays Billie Frechette, the girlfriend of Depp's character John Dillinger.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Elliot Goldenthal to score Johnny Depp's Public Enemies

Academy Award-winning composer Elliot Goldenthal reunites with director Michael Mann to score Public Enemies. Public Enemies is starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Also appearing in the Universal Pictures project; Marion Cotillard, Channing Tatum, Lili Taylor and Stephen Dorff.

Read more here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Release date for Public Enemies

OK y'all, you know I sometimes hear things...yeah it's happened before. You heard it here first.

Universal has scheduled a release date for Public Enemies....Drum roll please!!
Coming to a theater near you just in time to be a big old summer blockbuster on THE BIG OLE HUGEST holiday weekend of 2009!

July 1, 2009

Depp's Dillinger? Hot as a firecracker!

Public Enemies updates: Columbus, Oshkosh and great words about PE's author Bryan Burrough

Time's short today for me, so here's an update this morning. I am happy to say that filming has continued in Chicago in the over night hours and that Depp's been able to meet a few fans.

Along with the updates on Columbus and Oshkosh we have two awesome articles about "Public Enemies'" author Bryan Burrough. You want to read those. They are great!!

Read these great articles.. they are so wonderful and talk about new cover editions and possible new pictures.

A return to Columbus on April 29?

Oshkosk street closures begin April 10

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Johnny Depp's Public Enemies to release in December?

According to Mike Evans' syndicated radio program this morning we should look for a December release of
Johnny Depp's 'Public Enemies.'

We sure know what that means...time will tell.

Crudup is Hoover in Depp's Public Enemies

According to an article in Variety, Billy Crudup will be playing FBI head honcho J. Edgar Hoover. The same article names Stephen Lang playing Charles Winstead the head of the Texas Rangers who rides in to help the FBI.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Public Enemies making news in Chicago

Here's a short news clip from Chicago's ABC 7 (WLS). I sure does look like actor Johnny Depp remains public enemy number one there in Chicago this week where he continues his portrayal of 1930s number one most wanted guy John Dillinger. Click here to see the news video.

"Public Enemies" films again tonight in Chicago, and news on Oshkosh, Little Bohemia and Beaver Dam

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" is once again slated to film tonight and into the early morning in Chicago. The film's being directed by Michael Mann.

Crews in Oshkosh are busy making that town resemble Sioux Falls in 1934. They've just taken down the spire from the outdoor sundial. Go
here for new pictures.

Rod's blog has a great report from Ty about his secret, undercover sleuthing and general noseying around up there in Little Bohemia. Little Bo is where the FBI thought they had public enemies John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and their "gang" cornered in a shoot up that took place back in April of 1934. The infamous FBI raid was led by "G-man" Melvin Purvis. Sad situation up there in Little Bo for folks NOT on the "most wanted" list. Be sure to look at Ty's picture album while you are there.

I highly recommend that everyone who's following this movie filming read or at least peruse the book that it's based on. "Public Enemies, America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933 - 34" by Bryan Burrough. Lots of good stuff there and it will make it a heck of a lot more fun following the movie.

According to today's Chicago Tribune, Dillinger's "Still wanted after all these years" and their great article with pictures, side stories, maps, etc is just a click away from here.

Lastly it seems the dates for filming at the Rogers Hotel in Beaver Dam are being narrowed down somewhat.

If it's Wednesday, Public Enemies filming goes on in Chicago

Night scenes rock in Chicago. Johnny Depp's 'Public Enemies' was filming over night again in the Clark, Sheffield and Newport areas. Christian Bale was reportedly on set as was Depp and Cotillard. No confirmation yet on Marion Cotillard.

Apparently, according to this column security is a bit tighter and nocturnal fans are being kept a bit further away from the action, that does involve gun fire, and some chase scenes.

Also it's reported that PE costar Stephen Dorff was seen dining at Chicago's Lux Bar.

Public Enemies filming tonight in Chicago

"Public Enemies" filming is up and running tonight, this link was posted on, they are reportedly pics of the Chicago shantytown village under and around the El track near Clark and Newport in the Wrigleyville area of Chicago, the poster said that these pics are from the last few days's filming including tonight. No news yet if Johnny Depp is on set tonight.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Oshkosh announcing street closings for "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp

The city of Oshkosh has announced that the "Public Enemies" producers have requested three street closings between April 10 and April 20. Details are expected to be released within the day.

Construction on buildings in the area including the Exclusive Company and New Moon and also work on the Masonic Temple is continuing today as they continue to turn downtown Oshkosh into a replica of 1930s Sioux Falls for the film Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp.

Public Enemies continues filming and Oshkosh makes ready

Reports came in over night that Johnny was on the Chicago set last night, no confirmation as yet though.

Looks like Oshkosh is busy getting ready to fill in as the location for the Sioux Falls Security National Bank and Trust robbery where the people of Sioux Falls thought the bank robbery was a scene for a film.

It looks like April 11 -17 is the time frame from the pre-production and filming, but the actual filming should only last a day or two.

This Oshkosh site has some great set pics.

Public Enemies is based on the true crime book penned by Bryan Burrough and the film is being directed my Michael Mann for Universal.