Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Public Enemies" author Bryan Burrough writes about "The Big Rich"

Johnny Depp's next film "Public Enemies" is scheduled for a July 1 release nationwide and it is based on the true crime book by the same name by author Bryan Burrough.

We are happy to report that Bryan Burrough has a new book being released within the next few weeks and wanted to share this news with us here on JohnnyDeppReads! Be sure to see if Bryan will be in your area!

Here's Bryan's message to us about his new book, THE BIG RICH.

Dear All:

Hi, everyone. This is Bryan
Burrough, author of Public Enemies. Just wanted you to know I've got a new book
being published this week. No, Johnny Depp isn't yet affiliated with it in any
way, but hey, who knows, maybe there'll be another movie in

Anyway, the new book is called THE BIG RICH:
The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes. It's the story of the four
wealthiest oil families in Texas -- the Hunts, Murchisons, Basses and Cullens --
how they made their money, and in some cases how they lost it. I like to think
it's a pretty fun read, lots of Texas-sized antics -- H.L. Hunt was a
three-family bigamist, as you probably know -- as well as the scoop on their
private islands, football teams (the Cowboys!), mansions and politics. If you'd
like to know more, you can check out my new website,

I'll be out on tour promoting
the book for the next few weeks, in New York, Washington, Philadelphia and,
during the week of Feb. 2, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Dallas. As they say,
check your local entertainment listings to see if I'm appearing at a bookstore
near you. I'll be happy to chat about Public Enemies, the book or the movie, and
to sign a copy of the book, if you bring one along.

Best wishes from snowy New Jersey,

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