Monday, March 31, 2008

Chicago Public Enemies filming and news about Milwaukee filming

"Public Enemies" just keeps on filming in Chicago this week with Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis, the FBI guy who hunted Dillinger.

Johnny Depp is expected to return to the set this week. And filming is scheduled to begin in Aurora, IL at the Paramount Theater, where it's been suggested that the Paramount would fill in for the Biograph. A report today suggests that Dillinger's bank robbery in Racine in 1933 could be shot in Milwaukee instead and that a spokesperson from the Milwaukee County Historical Center confirmed that a bank scene would be filmed there.

Public Enemies casting call for African Americans asap

Looks like they are desperate today for African American extras in the Chicago area, this is for today's scheduled evening filming! This originated on Craigs list. Hurry!

African Americans needed asap for feature film Public Enemies

Reply to:
Date: 2008-03-30, 8:12PM CDT

The feature film Public Enemies, directed by Michael Mann and starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale is searching for African Americans (male and female) ages 18 and up, to work a night scene, Monday March 31st. This scene is happening fast. If you are interested please send a recent color photograph with all your stats, height, weight, jacket size.

Send to

In the subject line please put March 31st shoot

This scene will shoot all night Monday night until sunup the next day. There is pay.

This is a very cool scene and a pivotal scene for the film.

Spread the word and send us a photo immediately.

******You can also call our office at 312-829-0140 and let us know that you are available for the March 31st night shoot. Call us on Monday morning after 8:30am.

Thank you so much!

Location: Chicago

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Depp's Public Enemies rolls on

With "Public Enemies" lead man, Johnny Depp, off for the weekend, news stories and internet chatter have slowed down a bit. Even though Johnny won Best Male Actor at the Kids Choice Awards yesterday. We know filming has continued in Chicago with Christian Bale and Rory Cochrane. There's been some talk that has not updated the casting information and that Rory Cochrane is playing FBI agent W. Carter Baum. Agent Baum mistakenly killed a civilian at Little Bohemia. Time will tell about this one.

Here's what's out there this Sunday morning:

Filming nets community a cool $350,000
More about how PE has affected Columbus.

And this one about a jounalist who is allowed to use his vintage Walter Winchell hat and jewelry during his stint as a reporter on PE.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Public Enemies pulls an all nighter in Chicago

The "Public Enemies" film starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Rory Cochrane continues to film this weekend, but without Depp. Reports are fast and furious about the filming that went on over night in Chicago that had Bale and Cochrane working in the freezing weather all night. Christian Bale is playing FBI "G-Man" Melvin Purvis and Cochrane is playing Phil D'Andrea, a member of a Chicago syndicate. Depp's Dillinger character isn't needed for these Chicago scenes. "Public Enemies" is being directed by Michael Mann and is based on the true crime book of the same name written by Bryan Burrough.

Filming reportedly will move to Aurora, IL next week, to film at the Paramount Theater there, look for Depp to be on hand.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Chicago casting call for pool players in Johnny Depp's Public Enemies

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" is looking for more extras and they are looking for specific people this time. This notice appears on the Chicago area Craig's list board:

Paid extras for feature film Public Enemies
Date: 2008-03-27, 12:02AM CDT


We are searching for adult male African American pool players ASAP

We are also searching for medium to thin men to play homeless, long hair would be great! Considering all. ASAP

We are also searching for real police and detective types!!


The Universal feature film “Public Enemies” directed by

Michael Mann, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale is searching for people to work as paid non-speaking extras.

We are shooting in the Chicago area and need people with great faces for this 1930s period film. We are currently looking for men no taller than 6’1’’ and no larger than a size 44 jacket. Women should be no taller than 5’8’’ and no larger than a size 10. If you are already registered with Joan Philo you are still required to resubmit.

If you are available please contact our e-mail address and immediately send us a recent color photograph with all your stats (height, weight, clothing sizes – phone, address)

Please send in photographs ASAP.

Location: Chicago

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Public Enemies" to use the Rogers Hotel in Beaver Dam, WI

A news report has just come out that has the cast and crew of Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" filming at the Rogers Hotel in Beaver Dam, WI. They say that the fliming is scheduled to coincide with the return filming in Columbus in late April. The film "Public Enemies" is based on the non-fiction book by the same name by Bryan Burrough. Michael Mann is directing for Univeral Pictures.

Public Enemies moves to Chicago

Reports are swirling around the internet that some members of the cast and crew of Michael Mann's film "Public Enemies" have moved into Chicago for what is supposed to be an all night shoot! And it's slated to continue on Friday, Mar. 28. The weather forecast is for snow showers this evening with temperatures in the low 30s and a forecast of some accumulation of slush over night. brrrrrr

Johnny Depp and the "Public Enemies" cast and crew leave Crown Point

Johnny Depp and the "Public Enemies" cast and crew and reportedly packed up and left Crown Point, IN. The reports say that filming will resume this evening in Chicago, and that they are slated to film over night while there. It's not known whether filming will resume on Friday as well.

Here are the news accounts of the last day of filming in Crown Point yesterday. as always you can check our main forum for reports as they are posted.

PE film cew leaves CP
Film makers, that's a wrap!,cpmovie.article
This is from an extra's point of view,dillngrsteele.article
One final look
Dillinger hostage became a celebrity,dillngrsaager.article
Dillinger escape humiliated sheriff,dillngrwest.article

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" continues to film late into the evening

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" continues to film late into the evening. Reports from the Crown Point location are saying that they have told the crowds of fans that the filming will go on late into the evening and that Depp won't be able to sign autographs tonight. This is scheduled to be the last day there in Crown Point and filming was reported to be primarily out doors. You can read about the filming there earlier today here.

Public Enemies Oshkosh filming dates April 11 and 12

Oshkosh's "Public Enemies" filming dates are April 11 and 12 according to this article released today. They also cite the location of the filming to be at the Old First National Bank on Main Street in Oshkosh.

Johnny Depp is slated to be on location for the filming. "Public Enemies" is being directed by Michael Mann for Universal Pictures and is also starring Christian Bale, Channing Tatum and Stephen Dorff.

Oshkosh readies for Depp's arrival in April

"Public Enemies" filming with Johnny Depp causes Oshkosh to make ready. Read about it here. It has been suggested that Oshkosh filming will begin on April 11, however all dates are fluid.

The Crown Point segment of the "Public Enemies" filming is scheduled to wrap today in that historic city. In addition to Depp, the film also stars Marion Cotillard and Christian Bale, and is directed by Michael Mann. Bryan Burrough penned the true crime book "Public Enemies" that the movie is drawn from. You can follow what Mr. Burrough has to say about "Public Enemies" here on his blog at "Vanity Fair."

Depp's Dillinger to escape Crown Point Jail

Depp's Dillinger dares escape. OK I couldn't help myself. "Public Enemies" filmed today on location in Crown Point, IN and is scheduled to film the jail escape scene Wed., March 26. Back on March 3 of 1934 Dillinger escaped from the Crown Point jail. Depp is scheduled to reenact that famed moment tomorrow. We understand that filming in Crown Point will wrap.

Be sure to check our main forum for pictures from the filming and personal reports from Crown Point this week for up to the minute news and personal pictures as they are added through out the day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Johnny Depp's film PUBLIC ENEMIES looking for extras in Aurora

Johnny Depp's coming to Aurora, Ill. There's a casting call for extras.,AU25_DEPP_WEB.article
Update: Depp movie looking for extras

March 25, 2008
A casting company is looking for extras to work in the Johnny Depp movie that will be filming in Aurora on April 5 and 6.
Last week, Paramount Theater signed a contract to film part of “Public Enemies,” starring Depp and Christian Bale, in downtown Aurora. The movie is directed by Michael Mann.

The film, about the life of gangster John Dillinger and the birth of the FBI, is set in the 1930s. In order to recreate the look and feel of the film, male extras need to be less than 6-foot-2 with a jacket size no larger than 44 and female extras must be shorter than 5-foot-8 with a dress size no larger than 10.
The press release cautions people not to call if they do not match the size requirements, because the casting agency cannot make exceptions.

To reach Joan Philo Casting, call is (312) 924-1840.

When you call in a recorded message will prompt you to leave your name, phone number, and make sure to let them know you are calling for the Aurora shoot.

Public Enemies filming to continue at Crown Point today

Johnny Depp is expected to return today with the cast and crew of "Public Enemies" a film directed by Michael Mann and based upon the book of the same name by Bryan Burrough. Lili Taylor who is portraying 1934's Crown Point sheriff Lillian Holley. It was Sheriff Holley's car that Dillinger stole on March 3, 1934 for his get away.

One of our JDR forum members was at the filming yesterday and has shared her report on the the main forums. You can access it using this click-on link.

There are members' personal Crown Point pictures posted here:

And lots of pics and links to news video can be found here: just scroll through the pages.

Below are the news items to surface over night.

Banking on Bucks from Dillinger
Public Enemies filming a public hit,cpmovie.article
He was a regional legend,dillinger.article

Monday, March 24, 2008

Public Enemies Oshkosh filming date

"Public Enemies" to film in Oshkosh during the second week of April according to this FoxNews segment.

Johnny Depp and the cast of Michael Mann's film about John Dillinger in filming in Crown Point, IN this week.

"Public Enemies" filming continues this afternoon with Johnny Depp on the set

"Public Enemies" filming continues this afternoon with Johnny Depp on the set of the old jail in Crown Point, IN. And I understand lunch break is over and everyone, including Johnny Depp, is back to work the set in Crown Point.

More pics from Crown Point
And pics of the old jail:

The above links were found on Rod's fabulous blog:

"Public Enemies" filming underway in Crown Point

Johnny Depp's filming "Public Enemies" in Crown Point today. At the very same same location where John Dillinger made his famous escape on March 3, 1934.

Go here to read this morning's update:

Edited to add link to for CP pics from today.

Crown Point gears up for "Public Enemies" filming this week.

Crown Point, IN gears up for "Public Enemies filming this week. Look for the cast and crew to be in the city through Wednesday.

Read what they say locally about how 'Evidence points to 'Enemies' invasion" right here:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Public Enemies" filming In Crown Point tomorrow, here's some background

Since Johnny Depp's movie "Public Enemies" begins filming in Crown Point, IN starting tomorrow, I thought it might be interesting to read up a bit on what happened in Crown Point back in 1934. And also to give us some points of reference and to get an idea on what to expect them to film. ;)

And I bet we will see a reinactment of this infamous picture.

Photo found at

"Public Enemies" is based upon the book by Bryan Burrough, give it a read to get all of the details and history of the crime wave of 1933 - 1934.

Oshkosh gets ready for Johnny Depp and "Public Enemies"

Oshkosh gets ready for Johnny Depp and the arrival of Universal Pictures' "Public Enemies" cast and crew, scheduled to arrive in the city in mid April.

Here's where you can read about it:

Also, the AICN guys came up with these pics:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our JohnnyDeppReads forum is back up.

NEWS UPDATE! Our forum server is now back up 100% We hope. lol I'm leaving this "back door" link up in the event anything else happens.

We will always use this blog as a place for updates in our main forum.

Johnny Depp and the frenzy that accompanied him as Dillinger

Johnny Depp makes people cry in Wisconsin, or so this article says. I think it's more about the frenzy that accompanied Johnny Depp to Wisconsin as he was filming "Public Enemies."

Chatter about Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" continues in anticipation of March 24's scheduled filming in Crown Point, IN the famed location of Dillinger's escape from Crown Point's jail. There is also an update regarding filming in April at Aurora's Paramount theater, which will stand in for Chicago's Biograph theater, where John Dillinger was gunned down.

Crown Point awaits filming,cpmovie.article

Updates on the Aurora, Il Public Enemies filming

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chicago actors John Lister and Alan Wilder to join Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies"

Looks like the Crown Point cast is rounding out as it's reported that Chicago actors John Lister and Alan Wilder to join Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies." The film is being directed by Michael Mann for Universal. According to this article Chicago actor John Lister has been tapped to play Judge William Murray. Murray was the presiding judge in the John Dillinger's Crown Point arraignment. And the role of the prominent prosecutor Robert Estill who was immortalized by Dillinger when he posed with his arm on Estill for a picture, will be played by Alan Wilder.

"Public Enemies" is based in a book written by Bryan Burrough and is expected to be released in 2009.

Public Enemies filming takes a break for Easter weekend, Johnny's left WI for now

Johnny Depp has left Columbus, WI. But not to worry, he's scheduled to be back on the "Public Enemies" set on location in Crown Point, IN on Monday, March 24 and possibly the 25th

Here are some great news items that tell us about the wrap up in Columbus and Darlington yesterday and some tell us about what's going on in Crown Point in anticipation of the cast and crew arriving in Crown Point on Monday. Look for Johnny's co-star from Arizona Dream, Lili Taylor to portray Crown Point Sheriff Lillian Holley, who took over as Sheriff after the death of her husband. Seems Dillinger easily escaped from her jail, and then to add insult to injury, stole her car for his get-away!

After the Crown Point filming, it's possible for some filming in Madison perhaps on the 26 through the 28, maybe second unit stuff. That's pretty tentative for now though.

Local law officers in spotlight in `Public Enemies'
City sets scene for Dillinger,deppmovie.article
Fans get one more glimpse of Johnny
Wardrobe crew outfits "Reporter Number 2",pt-actor.article

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Public Enemies" continues filming in WI for fouth day

Johnny Depp continues in his role as 1930s gangster John Dillinger in "Public Enemies" a movie based on author Bryan Burrough's book. There are a few news items that report about today's filming as well as yesterday's work. The "Public Enemies" cast and crew continue it's scheduled location shoot in Wisconsin.

Historical Society Transformed Into Movie Set

Depp Holds Court in Darlington

News about today's filming in Darlington

Public Enemies author Bryan Burrough blogs about another side of celebrity worship, including Depp fans, the internet, and mentions Johnnydeppreads

Today "Public Enemies" author and Vanity Fair contributor Bryan Burrough, in his Vanity Fair blog writes about "Public Enemies," the fans around the filming, the internet, and us, Johnny Depp Reads! It's a tremendous piece about the internet and fans and the community that we all have become. Don't miss it.

If you haven't checked out our forum/message board area, please do!

Location change for Lt. Governor Lawton to Visit Public Enemies Set and Local Businesses in Columbus

This location change information is just in from the Lt. Governor's office.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Lt. Governor Lawton to Visit Public Enemies Set and Local Businesses in Columbus

Lt. Governor to Meet with Mayor, Business Leaders to Assess Local Economic Impact of the Film

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton will greet the cast and crew of Public Enemies on location in Columbus tomorrow, Thursday, March 20, 2008.

Lt. Governor Lawton will then visit local businesses that have benefited from the production’s time in Columbus and finally hold a media availability at 11:00 a.m. at the Columbus Visitor Center, which was converted into a bank to be “robbed” earlier this week.

In 2005 and 2006, Lt. Governor Lawton led development of the film industry tax incentives that resulted in NBC Universal’s decision to bring Public Enemies and $20 million to Wisconsin.

Lt. Governor Lawton will be joined during the visit by Columbus Mayor Nancy Osterhaus and local business leaders.

WHERE: Colonial Carriage Works
134 Dickason Blvd.

WHEN: 11:00 a.m.
Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Columbus again today for Johnny Depp as John Dillinger

Looks like it's day three for director Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" filming in Columbus and Johnny Depp is scheduled to be there again, reportedly to film scenes at a local mansion with Marion Cotillard as Dillinger's girlfriend Billie Frechette and also with John Ortiz as Frank Nitti.

And here's an article about those classic cars and how they are being used in the film.

And according to someone on imdb Chicago actor Christian Stolte (Leatherheads, Prison Break) has been IDed in the role of Charles Makley.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lt. Governor Lawton to Visit Public Enemies Set and Local Businesses in Columbus

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lt. Governor Lawton to Visit Public Enemies Set and Local Businesses in Columbus

Lt. Governor to Meet with Mayor, Business Leaders to Assess Local Economic Impact of the Film

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton will greet the cast and crew of Public Enemies on location in Columbus on Thursday, March 20, 2008.

Lt. Governor Lawton will then visit local businesses that have benefited from the production’s time in Columbus and finally hold a media availability at 11:00 a.m. at the Columbus Visitor Center, which was converted into a bank to be “robbed” earlier this week.

In 2005 and 2006, Lt. Governor Lawton led development of the film industry tax incentives that resulted in NBC Universal’s decision to bring Public Enemies and $20 million to Wisconsin.

Lt. Governor Lawton will be joined during the visit by Columbus Mayor Nancy Osterhaus and local business leaders.

WHERE: Columbus Visitor Center

116 West James Street


WHEN: 11:00 a.m.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Adam Mucci has signed on to Depp's "Public Enemies."

Adam Mucci has signed on to Depp's "Public Enemies."

Read about it here:

Public Enemies filming in many locations over the next few weeks

Looks like Johnny Depp, who's busy being John Dillinger in Universal's adaptation of Bryan Burrough's true crime book "Public Enemies" is going to be in several locations. There is more information about the when and where of "Public Enemies" filming in this article.

Depp dreams do come true

This pic was taken by Grinder who has this really great blog!
He gave us his kind permission to share this here on our blog. Thanks Rod.

Public Enemies with Johnny Depp to be in Darlington today

As we go into the third day of location filming of Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies", part of the cast and crew will move to Darlington WI for scenes at the Lafayette County Courthouse and the second unit team is slated to continue in Columbus today and tomorrow the 20. Look for Marion Cotillard to be on set.

This is what I've read and/or heard about filming the next few days, everything is always tentative and subject to weather and also just the typical being "off schedule" that happens in live location filming in public areas.

Look for filming in Madison to happen 20 and 21, it's only about 65 miles away so it's quite doable.

Crown Point is scheduled for filming on the 24 and 25.

As we know, Aurora Ill is on the schedule for April 6 and 7 at the Paramount theater, a supposed fill in for the Biograph.

You'll find some really informative items in these two articles.

As was announced yesterday, Aurora Ill's Paramount theater may be the fill in for the Biograph, which some have said is now too modern.,2_1_AU19_MOVIE_S1.article

And here is an item that fills us in on what's been said and what will happen in Darlington today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Johnny Depp's in Wisconsin

A Columbus man reports on the search for the actor playing John Dillinger in "Public Enemies."

A great article!

This one's fun too!

Paramount Theater in Aurora, Ill will be used for Public Enemies filming

Paramount Theater in Aurora, Ill. will be used for filming!

Aurora's Paramount Theater to be location for Johnny Depp movie scenes on April 6 and 7. For more info read this article.

The movie is based on a book written by Bryan Burrough, and is directed by Michael Mann. Also starring in the movie are Marion Cotillard, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum and David Wenham.

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" continues filming in Columbus

Yesterday's "Public Enemies" filming in Columbus brought us our first pics of Johnny as John Dillinger and a wealth of local news reports. Below are a few of those local reports, often with links to pictures inside the article. A couple of noteworthy bits, a private home has been made ready for a dual filming opportunity, one use is reported to be the front door and living of Frank Nitti (played by John Ortiz) and the other reports that a bedroom of the same home will be used as the set of a brothel where Dillinger is with girlfriend Billie Frechette (played by Marion Cotillard) so keep a sharp eye for them to be in Columbus at some time soon.

The chase to see Johnny Depp

Public Enemies begins filming in Columbus
This article talks about using a private home for two sets, one being the Frank Nitti home and another using it as a brothel with a scene with Marion Cotillard. Frank Nitti is being played by John Ortiz. Seems likely that these two actors should be on set soon there in Columbus this week.

Monday first day of filming in Columbus for 'Public Enemies'
This is a great article that contains two click-on links within the article that takes you to about 40 pictures from yesterday.

Veteran cop recalls old jail
Article about upcoming Crown Point jail filming, contain's link to more filming pics

Cameras roll on Depp's first day

"Public Enemies" filming today brought not only movie cameras but also TV news cameras catching the action and the fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp on his first day of filming "Public Enemies." It's the story of 1930s gangster John Dillinger and is based on Bryan Burrough's book "Public Enemies." The film is being directed by Michael Mann for Universal.

Here are news clips from today:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Columbus WI reports on the first day of "Public Enemies" filming

Columbus, WI reports in on the city's first day to host Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in "Public Enemies." The film is based on the book by the same name and penned by Bryan Burrough. Michael Mann is directing the Universal project. Go here to read a report on today's happenings and what Oshkosh can expect when the cast and crew visits there next month.

More pictures in from Columbus' Public Enemies filming

Pictures from Columbus as the filming takes place today March 17.

These pics were snapped by and posted to our forum by member Katiedid1226! It is with her kind permission that we are able to share them here. Thank you Katiedid1226! Please remember that these are her personal pictures.

Johnny Depp as Dillinger, Public Enemies set pictures are here!

Johnny Depp as Dillinger, five Public Enemies set pictures are here!

Johnny Depp in on the Public Enemies set!

Columbus has welcomed Johnny Depp! According to this really
up to the minute blog Depp is on the set today, and was seen and photographed with director Michael Mann. Depp was smiling and waving to fans!

Public Enemies scheduled to begin filming today

"Public Enemies" starts filming in Columbus today with what's been termed as "key cast". Let's look for Johnny Depp to be on location today! There are so many news items out there this morning in anticipation of the filming that I am going to just list the links themselves and say that you might want to read these, so here we go:

Key cast to be in Columbus

Columbus ready for action

Columbus bar holds gangster night in honor of movie shoot

Dillinger's car on loan from museum to be used on film shoot

Columbus' history a reel gem

Welcome to the region Johnny,depptour.article

More updates through out the day.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" begins filming in less than a day, here are more details

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" begins filming in less than a day in Columbus, WI and more details are coming in about the who, what, when and why of the multi-city, multi-state filming process. Follow this link for more filming details.

Since tomorrow is THE big first day and also a work day for us too, I'll do my best to try and keep us informed as best I can.

Public Enemies scheduled to start filming tomorrow, March 17

"Public Enemies" is scheduled to being filming tomorrow, March 17 in Columbus, WI and this blog has a great update for today. Also found on this site are some great new pictures of the sets there in Columbus.

"Public Enemies" is a Universal film starring Johnny Depp and is directed by Michael Mann, it's based on the book by Bryan Burrough.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Public Enemies" filming brings addtional street closures in Columbus, WI.

The filming of Johnny Depp's film "Public Enemies" next week in Columbus, WI has generated a notice of additional street closures and general information about filming areas in the city. Michael Mann is directing this film based on the book by Bryan Burrough, it also stars Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard. You can read the announcement and more information about the filming and street closures here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Columbus is waiting for Johnny Depp

As Columbus is busy getting ready for the filming of Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale you'll want to read what a resident's perspective is on the rural Wisconsin town's transformation into a movie set here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Depp to film in Darlington

As is being reported here
Johnny Depp is scheduled to be doing some filming for "Public Enemies" in Darlington next week.

"Public Enemies" to spend more time in Columbus?

Looks like some of the cast and crew of Johnny Depp's new movie "Public Enemies" may stay in Columbus a bit longer that was originally thought. According to this news
item Columbus officials were originally told filming would only take place on Monday (March 17) and crews would take down scene sets the rest of the week. Mayor Nancy Osterhaus said she was told Tuesday that more scenes would be shot on Tuesday and possibly into Thursday, March 20. The downtown area is scheduled to be closed and traffic rerouted through Thursday, March 20.

As they say on the news...stay tuned.

Johnny Depp's in Vancouver

Today's up date has Johnny Depp taking a short breather from prepping for his role as John Dillinger in "Public Enemies" and is in Vancouver to film his part as one of three actors who have stepped up to help complete Heath Ledger's last film.

"Public Enemies" is scheduled to begin filming in Columbus on Monday, March 17 and will be bringing in their own snow! The filming is slated to last about 20 hours. When the filming in Columbus has wrapped, the Michael Mann production moves into Chicago and then is scheduled to film in Madison, Oshkosh and Milwaukee.

And as always, this really accurate blog originates in Columbus and has great pics and news.

"Public Enemies" author Bryan Burrough has recently updated his "Vanity Fair" blog Bryan Burrough: From Page to Screen so be sure to read his latest installment.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Public Enemies" will film at Little Bohemia

More "Public Enemies" filming information is coming in! The new film about John Dillinger and the crime wave of 1933 - 1934 starring Johnny Depp will film scenes at the actual location of the FBI debacle that took place in April of 1934, where while trying to apprehend Dillinger and his gang, federal agents killed one innocent man and wounded two more. Also an FBI agent was killed and another wounded and a third was injured seriously. Dillinger and his gang escaped.

The filming will take place in the Northwoods, at Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters sometime later this spring or early summer. You can read more about it

Monday, March 10, 2008

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" is officially shooting in Oshkosh

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" is officially shooting in Oshkosh! The film crew was on site to study locations. Read more about it here. The film will also star Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard. "Public Enemies" is based upon a book by the same name by Bryan Burrough and is being directed by Michael Mann for Universal.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bryan Burrough: Behind the Book, Not the Camera, a blog

For those of us following the progress of Johnny Depp's next film "Public Enemies" the new blog written by "Public Enemies" author Bryan Burrough is a real find! Be sure to check in often at
Bryan Burrough: Behind the Book, Not the Camera .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Depp will drive Dillinger's getaway car

Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Local Museum's Car

Roscoe, IL.

March 3, 2008-

Universal Pictures ‘Public Enemies’ starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis will be using the actual car that John Dillinger used in the robbery of the Greencastle, Indiana bank.

The film will be released in 2009 from director Michael Mann who was responsible for such films as ‘Miami Vice’, ‘Collateral’, and ‘Heat’. The car will be loaned to the film from Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe, IL. It was John Dillinger’s getaway car when Dillinger and his gang robbed the Central National Bank in Greencastle, IN, in October of 1933. It was the largest bank robbery up to this point in history, totaling over $75,000.

This robbery will be retold in the film and feature the actual car from the actual robbery. It is sure to be one of the greatest pieces of trivia in film history! On Tuesday March 4th at 10am the car will be picked up by the transportation department of the film from Historic Auto Attractions to be made ready for its big screen debut.
Historic Auto Attractions is located on Metric Dr. off Rockton Road. 13825 Metric Dr. Roscoe, IL 61073

Public Enemies locations being chosen

Wisconsin's getting ready to film PUBLIC ENEMIES, Melanie Conklin in her entire article found in here: writes "Cobbling together bits and pieces from extras, antique car owners, government officials and tips, here are the best answers I have to the burning questions on when and where we might experience a brush with Hollywood in Wisconsin."

Excerpts related to Depp below:

"Downtown Columbus, according to residents and the Portage Daily Register, is having buildings redone to give them a 1930s look, including replacement awnings that are already being installed as modern signs are being removed. And signs went up this week saying the main drag through town, Highway 73, will be closed from Monday to March 20. Scott Robbe, executive director of Film Wisconsin, has also confirmed that Columbus will play a "prominent part" in "Public Enemies." Kelly Thompson-Frater, who is playing an extra and driving a 1931 Dodge (that belonged to her grandfather, who as the sheriff in Hurley took this car out on a raid chasing Dillinger), has been instructed to have herself and the car in Columbus on March 17. She adds that she 's been told the "full cast" with around 50 historic cars will be on hand to re-enact the Greencastle, Ind., bank robbery.

Eric Hoffman, curator at the Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe, Ill., tells me that on Tuesday, staff from "Public Enemies" borrowed a historic automobile from the museum that he 's been told will be driven by Depp.

"The car is the actual car that John Dillinger used for his getaway from the Greencastle, Ind., bank robbery," says Hoffman, citing what had been the largest bank heist, netting $75,000, when it occurred on Oct. 23, 1933. Universal has borrowed the car for up to four weeks, but invited Hoffman for the filming on March 17. He adds that having Depp drive it, "just adds to the character of the car."

For Madison residents wondering if the capital city will get a piece of the action, that's still in flux. Chandra Miller Fienen, the state Department of Commerce point person aiding the movie, says, "They are still looking at a variety of places and we're trying to facilitate that as they identify what they are interested in. 'Public Enemies' will be the first film that has applied for and will receive film tax credits so we are trying to become the point person for government."

And Robert Chappell, spokesperson for Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton, who took producers and location scouts from Universal on a tour in late January, says "indications are that something will be happening" at the Capitol. "They were interested in the North Hearing Room," says Chappell. "I think they are interested in scheduling that." The room, located across from the Assembly Chambers, has an orange glow because of its natural light and features elaborate historic murals. It may be used to film the hearing where J. Edgar Hoover testified before Congress, says Chappell. That raises yet another unanswered question: Who should we be watching for to play Hoover?"

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JohnnyDeppReads visits with PUBLIC ENEMIES author Bryan Burrough

JohnnyDeppReads: There are a ton of people out there who didn't grow up hearing parents and grandparents talk about living during the depression, bank failures, soup kitchens, etc. Can you speak a bit about why you think the times affected the way people literally embraced and cheered for Dillinger and some of the others?

Bryan Burrough: It's so hard for people raised in recent years to understand what people went through during the Depression. The level of poverty, the level of hopelessness, there's just been nothing like it in America ever since. People thought it was the end of the world, and in a way it was. The world people had come to know, the America they had come to know, was simply gone. In its place was a world where all hope seemed lost, where there was simply no sense that the country would ever go back to what it had been before. At times such as that, people look for hope wherever they can find it. In some small way, Dillinger and his criminal brethren gave hope to millions of Americans that there really was a way to fight back. People weren't just depressed, they were angry. Very, very angry. And the John Dillingers of the world seemed to be acting out the nation's anger. Dillinger never hurt most Americans. He hurt the banks. And that's what people wanted. They wanted a way to show the wealthy and the powerful how hurt they were, how lost, and Dillinger, who seemed like an exceedingly nice bank robber, became a symbol of fighting back.

JDR: The kidnapping and subsequent death of the Lindbergh baby caused a change in Federal law, can you tell us how that affected the new FBI and how it affected the gangs? Why did it make a difference for law men?

BB: The Lindbergh Law, which gave the FBI responsibility for tracking down interstate kidnappers, gave the Bureau its first chance to engage with criminals the country actually cared about. Until its passage, the FBI had never really accomplished anything of note; most Americans had no idea it even existed. The Lindbergh Law made the FBI relevant. Engaging with armed kidnappers transformed the Bureau into a far more professional outfit than it had been, much to the consternation of criminal gangs. For years criminals like Machine Gun Kelly had only hick sheriffs to deal with. In 1933, for the first time, the Kellys of the world found themselves facing a federal police force with seemingly unlimited resources that could track them across state lines. For the first time, there was no real place for criminals to hide. That was the genius of the FBI.

JDR: You grew up in Texas learning of crime sprees of Bonnie and Clyde through your Grandfather. You have a friend who's great uncle was murdered by Clyde. This story is in your roots. How did your grandfather brought in to be involved with the Barrow gang? Did he live to read your book or know of your research?

BB: My grandfather, John Vernon Burrough, was drawn into the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde in a very peripheral way, as a deputy sheriff in rural Northwest Arkansas who manned roadblocks set up to apprehend the Barrow Gang at several points in 1933 and 1934. I can remember him telling me how frightened he and his buddies were at the time, wondering what they would actually do if that car coming over the rise had Clyde Barrow behind the wheel. Would they be brave enough to shoot? Would they be killed? The Barrows whisked through Northwest Arkansas on a regular basis. Much to his relief, my grandfather never came face to face with them. But they remained very real to him, even in later years. John and my grandmother Mildred knew two people Clyde killed in Arkansas. They knew their families well, and I can remember how both of them would grow silent sometimes when I brought up the subject for the umpteenth time. Clyde wasn't a symbol to them. He was a murderer, and a frightening one at that.

JDR: While we are speaking of Dallas' own thugs and original drive by miscreants, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, these were pretty low level hoodlums. Clyde was a murderer and Bonnie ended up with Clyde out of boredom. Do you think they would have been important enough to be a part of your book, had the 1967 movie not been made?

BB: Thats a great question. Bonnie and Clyde certainly loom large in the American consciousness, almost solely because of that movie. Without it, they would be forgotten today. Still, theirs was a fascinating story, and I imagine it would have remained good enough to make it into the book, although, as you point out, they were very peripheral figures in the overall federal War on Crime. Hoover never thought they were important enough to seriously track.

JDR: In 2004 you did an interview for Booknotes with Brian Lamb, while talking about the 1967 film BONNIE AND CLYDE, Mr Lamb asked you "Why do movies change the facts? You replied " Because movie makers have stories that they want to tell. If you want to tell the facts, you make something called a documentary.Mr. Lamb then asked; "So they don`t have a responsibility to the truth?" and you answered: "It`s great when you get -- if you get movie people in that discussion, they will inevitably come around to the explanation that they believe that their idea serves as the spirit of the truth. One of the great examples would be the movie -- an FBI movie, "Mississippi Burning," which showed the deaths of the three Civil Rights workers in Mississippi. The facts were not correct. But I remember listening to the director say that it serviced -- it was true to the spirit of the story. And I think that`s inevitably what you find."My question is, how do you hope that Michael Mann and his movie makers stay "true to the spirit of the story'? What do you wish for people to say about your story? Did or do you have any script input?

BB: I've read the script, and while I shouldn't say anything about it, I will say I like it. I didnt have any input, nor did I expect to. That's not the way these things work. Obviously, there's always going to be a different viewpoint between a nonfiction writer and a moviemaker. In my experience, what you hope in these situations is that a filmmaker sticks as close to the facts as possible. In this case, I think you will see a movie that not hews close to the spirit of the book but the historic facts. In fact, I think this may end up being the most factual of any Depression-era gangster movie ever made. Did I use the word `facts' enough for you?

JDR: What do you think Johnny Depp could or would bring to the role of John Dillinger?

BB: The key to the real-life Dillinger, what made him a `special' criminal, was his likeability, his charm. Whatever you thought of what he did in life, and he did kill at least one man, there was no denying his charisma. Mr. Depp has that in spades.

JDR: What intrigued you about John Dillinger?

BB: His accessibility. Unlike some of his peers, you could get a sense of who John Dillinger actually was. Part of this was the fact that Dillinger was the only major Depression-era criminal who was arrested, and allowed to give press interviews, during his crime spree. So unlike Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson, one can not only view footage of the real Dillinger, but read his words. So not only did he have charisma, it was a charisma you could see and feel. If not for the interviews he gave at Crown Point, I'm not sure Dillinger would have been so well-liked by the public.

JDR: When researching Dillinger, who was the closest person to him that you were able to interview?

BB: No one, really. I mean, this was seventy years ago. The one person who was present during much was this, who I did interview at length, was Melvin Purvis's secretary, Doris Rogers. She gave invaluable insights into the FBI agents, and to a lesser extent the criminals.

JDR: While reading PUBLIC ENEMIES, I got the feeling that not only was your book a comprehensive telling of that 20 month crime wave, but that you also had another purpose. Perhaps an homage to the FBI men that Katherine Kelly termed "G-men"? Why?

BB: Well, first and foremost, you just want to tell an important story accurately. To the extent I had secondary aims, yes, I wanted to shine some light on the FBI agents, because by and large none of them had ever received any credit for what they did at the time. They were the real heroes here, not Dillinger. Sometimes that gets lost in the telling.

JDR: Recently in Vanity Fair you said you were still "feeling like a fifth grader at a Hannah Montana concert." How's that feeling holding on? )

BB:Oh, golly. You know, Karen, I've sold probaby two dozen books and Vanity Fair articles to Hollywood, and I've had exactly one made into a movie, 1994's ``Barbarians at the Gates,'' made for HBO. At this point, I'd just be thrilled to see a movie actually made. But to see it being made by Michael Mann, with people like Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, well, that's really just too much to ever hope for. I've been surprised by how emotionally involved I've gotten, how exciting it all is. For instance, I'm still floored that they're calling the movie ``Public Enemies.'' I had always assumed they would call it something else, and I guess they still could. Right now, though, it just feels like I'm kind of floating through this. I'm surrounded by dozens of friends and family members who are as well. I guess we're going to have a big party here in New Jersey when (and if) the movie comes out. That'll be fun.

JDR: The Kansas City massacre happened trying to free one man and he was killed as well as many others. What happened there and what did the FBI learn from this?

BB: I think what happened there, and I didn't get into this in my book, was that at the moment the gunmen yelled for the lawmen to freeze, one of the lawmen's guns went off. The assasins panicked and opened fire. This was the theory in a great book you could pick up, ``The Union Station Massacre,'' by Robert Unger. I do think Verne Miller was accompanied by Pretty Boy Floyd that day, a contention I lay out in Public Enemies.

JDR: The first car I bought for myself in the late 1970s was a Chevy with a huge V8 engine. Ahh those were the days. That car moved. Many people today don't understand the power behind a V8. My dad grew up in a rural area in the depression and used to use the term "good dirt roads" all of the time and I didn't understand what that meant until I actually saw and drove on a "good dirt road". How did the vast number of new good roads and fast cars aide or encourage the 20 month crime spree? What all was happening then to help their ease of movement?

BB:As I say in the book, the crime wave of 1933-34 was really the result of technology outstripping the legal system. The bad guys had V-8 engines and Thompson submachineguns, while many lawmen were still toodling around in hand-cranked Model T's with ancient pistols. It took a while for the lawmen to catch up, and when they did, it was pretty much curtains for the bad guys.

JDR:Alvin Karpis. Probably the least known of the group, served the longest time in prison, ghost wrote two autobiographies and died in Spain in 1979. You approached the widow of his ghostwriter. You've said that because of that you were able to "uncover tons of new stuff"...what new stuff? What was the best bit in your opinion?

BB: Yes, I managed to read more than a thousand pages of interviews Karpis gave around 1969. They brimmed with new insights into the gang's inner workings, including incidents where Karpis interfaced with the Chicago Mob and Baby Face Nelson. The new material didnt change the broad outlines of his story, but allowed me to tell it with much more nuance than before.

JDR: Little Bohemia. 1 FBI agent and 1 civilian killed. 0 criminals captured or killed. Good grief. Not great numbers. What went wrong with what should have been easy? Head 'em up... move 'em out.

BB: Little Bohemia was the result of inexperience, haste and a woeful lack of planning. These poor FBI agents had no idea what they were walking into, and once they found themselves confronted by armed gunmen, they had no idea what to do. What resulted was a comedy of errors -- a comedy, that is, excepr for the fact that men were killed.

JDR:Melvin Purvis. Now there's a story. Good guy, young, eager. I got the idea that you liked him. What can you tell us about Purvis? Is history treating him fairly?

BB: I loved Purvis as a character. An extraordinarily good man, earnest, hardworking, well-intentioned, but way, way, way out of his depth when pitted against John Dillinger. Purvis had never been trained for this. He was only 29, for pete's sake. His Achilles heel was his obvious love of publicity, which ultimately led to his departure from the FBI in 1935. History, at least the movies, has generally been kind to Purvis. In fact, I daresay Public Enemies is the first retelling of events to suggest that Purvis was so overmatched. What you have to say about Purvis is that he always gave his best, but in the end his best just wasnt good enough. It's sad that, having been hounded by Hoover for years after his retirement, he ultimately committed suicide. His family always blamed Hoover for that.

JDR: The Chicago mobs were pretty much ignored by Hoover, Purvis and the FBI. Why the immunity?

BB:Well, the easy answer is that the FBI had no obvious jurisdiction for fighting the Chicago Mob. That was up to the Chicago police and, at times, the Treasury Department. The truth is that the FBI had a devil of a time tracking down Dillinger, a single bank robber. Hoover had to have known his men simply weren't ready to take on a whole mob.

JDR: Speaking of Chicago mobsters, why does most of the action seem to be in St. Paul and not Chicago?

BB:Great question. St. Paul, it turns out, was the capital of Midwestern crime during the 1920s and 1930s, and for a simple reason. It was something called ``The O'Connor System,'' named after the St. Paul police chief who started in around 1908. Basically, the St. Paul cops made a deal with criminals: As long as they didn't commit crimes in St. Paul itself, they would be left alone. As a result, St. Paul became a safe haven for scores of bank robbers, including Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Alvin Karpis, the Barkers and Machine Gun Kelly. FBI files actually indicate it was a top St. Paul cop who initiated the Barker-Karpis gang's two major St. Paul kidnappings.

JDR:It's been 5 years since you wrote PUBLIC ENEMIES, if you were to write it today is there anything you would add, change, leave out?

BB:Oh, golly. Well, the book is awfully dense, especially the early parts. I committed the sin of falling in love with the subject matter, which happens. In fact, the manuscript at one point was far longer. On my editor's urging, I cut it by a full 25 percent to make it move faster. I know it's not the easiest read in places, but all in all, I wouldn't change a thing. I've written four books and just finished a fifty, and this was by far my favorite. I wish I could write it again!
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Partial cast

According to Channing Tatum's site, this is a partial cast list. More info from his site here:

Below you will find the current star-studded cast list and the roles they will be portraying:
Johnny Depp - John Dillinger
Channing Tatum - Pretty Boy Floyd
Christian Bale - Melvin Purvis
Marion Cotillard - Billie Frechette
Giovanni Ribisi - Alvin Karpis
Stephen Dorff - Homer Van Meter
David Wenham - Pete Pierpont
John Ortiz - Frank Nitti
Stephen Graham - Baby Face Nelson
Jason Clarke - John 'Red' Hamilton