Sunday, March 30, 2008

Depp's Public Enemies rolls on

With "Public Enemies" lead man, Johnny Depp, off for the weekend, news stories and internet chatter have slowed down a bit. Even though Johnny won Best Male Actor at the Kids Choice Awards yesterday. We know filming has continued in Chicago with Christian Bale and Rory Cochrane. There's been some talk that has not updated the casting information and that Rory Cochrane is playing FBI agent W. Carter Baum. Agent Baum mistakenly killed a civilian at Little Bohemia. Time will tell about this one.

Here's what's out there this Sunday morning:

Filming nets community a cool $350,000
More about how PE has affected Columbus.

And this one about a jounalist who is allowed to use his vintage Walter Winchell hat and jewelry during his stint as a reporter on PE.

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