Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Johnny Depp's film PUBLIC ENEMIES looking for extras in Aurora

Johnny Depp's coming to Aurora, Ill. There's a casting call for extras.

Update: Depp movie looking for extras

March 25, 2008
A casting company is looking for extras to work in the Johnny Depp movie that will be filming in Aurora on April 5 and 6.
Last week, Paramount Theater signed a contract to film part of “Public Enemies,” starring Depp and Christian Bale, in downtown Aurora. The movie is directed by Michael Mann.

The film, about the life of gangster John Dillinger and the birth of the FBI, is set in the 1930s. In order to recreate the look and feel of the film, male extras need to be less than 6-foot-2 with a jacket size no larger than 44 and female extras must be shorter than 5-foot-8 with a dress size no larger than 10.
The press release cautions people not to call if they do not match the size requirements, because the casting agency cannot make exceptions.

To reach Joan Philo Casting, call is (312) 924-1840.

When you call in a recorded message will prompt you to leave your name, phone number, and make sure to let them know you are calling for the Aurora shoot.

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