Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Public Enemies with Johnny Depp to be in Darlington today

As we go into the third day of location filming of Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies", part of the cast and crew will move to Darlington WI for scenes at the Lafayette County Courthouse and the second unit team is slated to continue in Columbus today and tomorrow the 20. Look for Marion Cotillard to be on set.

This is what I've read and/or heard about filming the next few days, everything is always tentative and subject to weather and also just the typical being "off schedule" that happens in live location filming in public areas.

Look for filming in Madison to happen 20 and 21, it's only about 65 miles away so it's quite doable.

Crown Point is scheduled for filming on the 24 and 25.

As we know, Aurora Ill is on the schedule for April 6 and 7 at the Paramount theater, a supposed fill in for the Biograph.

You'll find some really informative items in these two articles.

As was announced yesterday, Aurora Ill's Paramount theater may be the fill in for the Biograph, which some have said is now too modern.,2_1_AU19_MOVIE_S1.article

And here is an item that fills us in on what's been said and what will happen in Darlington today.

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