Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Public Enemies filming to continue at Crown Point today

Johnny Depp is expected to return today with the cast and crew of "Public Enemies" a film directed by Michael Mann and based upon the book of the same name by Bryan Burrough. Lili Taylor who is portraying 1934's Crown Point sheriff Lillian Holley. It was Sheriff Holley's car that Dillinger stole on March 3, 1934 for his get away.

One of our JDR forum members was at the filming yesterday and has shared her report on the the main johnnydeppreads.com forums. You can access it using this click-on link.

There are members' personal Crown Point pictures posted here:

And lots of pics and links to news video can be found here: http://johnnydeppreads.com/index.php?showtopic=5245 just scroll through the pages.

Below are the news items to surface over night.

Banking on Bucks from Dillinger
Public Enemies filming a public hit
He was a regional legend

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