Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies" continues filming in Columbus

Yesterday's "Public Enemies" filming in Columbus brought us our first pics of Johnny as John Dillinger and a wealth of local news reports. Below are a few of those local reports, often with links to pictures inside the article. A couple of noteworthy bits, a private home has been made ready for a dual filming opportunity, one use is reported to be the front door and living of Frank Nitti (played by John Ortiz) and the other reports that a bedroom of the same home will be used as the set of a brothel where Dillinger is with girlfriend Billie Frechette (played by Marion Cotillard) so keep a sharp eye for them to be in Columbus at some time soon.

The chase to see Johnny Depp

Public Enemies begins filming in Columbus
This article talks about using a private home for two sets, one being the Frank Nitti home and another using it as a brothel with a scene with Marion Cotillard. Frank Nitti is being played by John Ortiz. Seems likely that these two actors should be on set soon there in Columbus this week.

Monday first day of filming in Columbus for 'Public Enemies'
This is a great article that contains two click-on links within the article that takes you to about 40 pictures from yesterday.

Veteran cop recalls old jail
Article about upcoming Crown Point jail filming, contain's link to more filming pics

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