Friday, March 21, 2008

Public Enemies filming takes a break for Easter weekend, Johnny's left WI for now

Johnny Depp has left Columbus, WI. But not to worry, he's scheduled to be back on the "Public Enemies" set on location in Crown Point, IN on Monday, March 24 and possibly the 25th

Here are some great news items that tell us about the wrap up in Columbus and Darlington yesterday and some tell us about what's going on in Crown Point in anticipation of the cast and crew arriving in Crown Point on Monday. Look for Johnny's co-star from Arizona Dream, Lili Taylor to portray Crown Point Sheriff Lillian Holley, who took over as Sheriff after the death of her husband. Seems Dillinger easily escaped from her jail, and then to add insult to injury, stole her car for his get-away!

After the Crown Point filming, it's possible for some filming in Madison perhaps on the 26 through the 28, maybe second unit stuff. That's pretty tentative for now though.

Local law officers in spotlight in `Public Enemies'
City sets scene for Dillinger,deppmovie.article
Fans get one more glimpse of Johnny
Wardrobe crew outfits "Reporter Number 2",pt-actor.article

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