Friday, February 29, 2008

Colleen Atwood to do costumes

In her response on Jan 23, 2008 to her Sweeney Todd Oscar nominations, Ms. Atwood shares that she is costuming PUBLIC ENEMIES. Colleen Atwood was driving to work on Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" when she heard the news about her nomination for costume design for "Sweeney Todd." "I'm really thrilled to be nominated for a movie that had such great people working on it like Johnny (Depp) and Tim (Burton)," said Atwood, who is designing costumes for Depp for his role in "Enemies." Despite the nom, Atwood, who collaborated on Burton's "Big Fish" and "Sleepy Hollow," said she felt a certain amount of discontent brought on by the writers strike. "It does feel weird to be working right now and to see all these people that do what I do who are out of work," she said. "You feel great about the nomination, but you also feel this sense of unsettlement that surrounds you."

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