Friday, May 23, 2008

Chicago "Public Enemies" night filming continues

It's all over the net, so it's no secret that last night there were run throughs with stand ins and scenes were rehearsed and blocked for THE scene at the Biograph. Johnny Depp was seen in the area, but isn't reported to have filmed anything. It's suspected that this "could" be filmed tonight. The people who know for sure, aren't talking. LOL

OK, those of you who know me from our main forum, know that we try very hard to be as respectful of him as a person and actor as possible. Soapbox rant ahead: warning!

That said, if you are in the area and plan to go tonight, please think twice about that. There will be many, many other opportunities for you to see or greet Johnny before he leaves in few weeks where he will be less stressed. Please try to give the actors and crew some space and please try to be respectful of their work environment. This is their job space. They have a tough job to do. They don't "owe" us the right to watch or even be there. Imagine if you had a very long, tedious and difficult day at your job and hundreds of people decided to come to your work space and watch you do your job.

Off soapbox.

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