Saturday, May 24, 2008

Public Enemies filming Saturday update

Sorry to be just now getting this posted, but real life took over. Seems that after wrapping for the day last night (this morning) there was a group of drunk 20something guys who really hassled and got quite nasty to the cast and crew. Reports on various sites and blogs from people there, all say about the same thing and that Johnny's personal security team had to step up and take control. It was reported that they announced later to the waiting crowd that Johnny had gone and was on his plane.

Just like Elvis.

He was outta there.

Mini editorial question: Chicago seems to have had a shooting in the area in the day or so before, (not filming related) I can't help but wonder, as many bloggers and forum posters have as well, where were the area police? I know they can't be everywhere, but you have a bunch of drunk "kids" running amuck on a holiday night, and a large film crew trying to get their work done in the same area.
Sounds like trouble to me.

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