Saturday, June 7, 2008

Did Public Enemies film at Indiana Dunes last night?

Showing up on several forums is word that seems to originate from the poster on imdb who says he's a crew member on Public Enemies. If the info is true then last night/ this morning they were filming at Indiana Dunes State Park at Lake Michigan. Here is a link to the park's site:

It's gorgeous and *could* be a scene between Billie and John at Lake Michigan or I can't help but wonder if it *could* be a "stand in" for Florida? The pics on that site are gorgeous!

I tend to believe this guy, he's been pretty spot on so far, but there's always the possibility that he's feeding us all "a line" so I guess we all have to make our own judgements about any info out there. ;)

Since it's Johnny Depp's birthday on Monday, they are supposed to have several days off. Who knows how many "several days" are? LOL Not me.

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