Monday, June 2, 2008

"Public Enemies" still in Chicago

Johnny Depp fans are still excited over his 2 big wins last night at the MTV awards. BUT today there is a lot of chat about what's going on this week. It's been widely rumored that we have seen the end of the meet and greets. Makes sense actually. Not sure. BUT I can't encourage people to go if the studio has put an end to them. Go or don't go, but don't be disappointed if there isn't one. Who knows what will happen as time goes by?

It looks like Chicago's Portage theater and, as I said earlier, the Aragon Ballroom should be up next as it's been said that the Portage will double for the Biograph interior and not Aurora, WI's Paramount as we thought earlier. And I just have one of those nagging feelings that they haven't finished at the Biograph.

As always, more tentative chatter as we get it.

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