Monday, April 14, 2008

Johnny Depp to be back in Oshkosh this morning

Johnny Depp and the Public Enemies cast and crew are scheduled to be filming this morning in Oshkosh around the Masonic Temple area. These should be, at least, the Sioux Falls bank heist scenes, if not more. Director Michael Mann has reportedly been using cities and locations for multiple scenes.

Here are this morning's 'Public Enemies' news items -

Downtown Oshkosh returns to the '30s

Extra! Extra! Click here for stories, bios, timelines and more on Dillinger, his gang and the FBI

Here are
pics from The Fedora Lounge forum where you will find some great pics of PE extras in their Fedoras!

And this
one is a great piece about Aurora's "DeppWatch 08" it's a very fun read about the very gracious Depp and his devoted fans.

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