Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some questions about the Public Enemies filming

OK, we've all been wondering if there was or wasn't filming going on earlier this week in Little Bohemia. Tackling this situation as if it were a puzzle, I think we've had all the pieces of the puzzle, but weren't putting them together right. Just work with me on this, as I submit this for your consideration.

We know that they had a fire last Wed, but they said that they didn't lose any time.

They did lose a day to the snow last week and they issued a press notice about a weather related 1 day extention.

On Friday they said that they needed a 1 day extension to do some further filming because Depp, Bale and Mann wanted some more work done.
This is what was getting us confused.

OK then maybe they took a couple of days off over the weekend. It was reported that they had left Manitowish. BUT they didn't say that they wouldn't be back. lol

BUT they werern't done filming yet. The only way this makes sense is that the church needed its parking lot for Saturday and Sunday services. The trucks were supposed to be out of there in time for weekend servies. Catholic churches have Mass on Saturday evenings and Sunday. base camp had to be gone. So they cleared out. Everyone thought that they had finished filming.

But they hadn't finished. They had 2, 1-day extentions. One to make up for snow and one for Mann to do more filming or reshoots.

Friday, April 25 this said that they would extend 1 day to allow for more filming some scenes

Then yesterday this restates what we heard last week about how they had to extend 1 day for weather related issues
That's a 2 day extension...that puts them filming through yesterday (Tues) and maybe today (wed) if the filming was at night. Maybe they just relocated base camp?

We know the cast/crew had at least one, if not two days off this weekend.

So there ya go... that's why they were still in Little Bo...or so I think. ;)

It's the only way it makes sense.

This pushed back Beaver Dam and Columbus, but that could let them get back on schedule for Milwaukee on the weekend of the 2nd.

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