Saturday, April 12, 2008

Public Enemies filming over night in Oshkosh

Picture from the Oshkosh Northwestern

The filming of Public Enemies with Johnny Depp was in action over night in Oshkosh where Basler Flight Services, filled in for 1930s Chicago's Midway Airport where Dillinger was taken after his arrest in Tucson. Filming is expected to continue there though the twentieth as Oshkosh fills in for Sioux Falls where Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Homer Van Meter and their gang robbed the First National Bank while people were convinced they were watching a movie filming. The word on the street is that after filming in Oshkosh is completed they will move to Little Bohemia area to film the notorious FBI - Dillinger gang shoot out. 'Public Enemies' is being directed by Michael Mann and is based on Bryan Burrough's true crime book by the same name.

There is a really clever, cute clip done 1930s style found here.

And a really great photo gallery.

Pics also are here from Lynnsown. and here from T.J. Holdren. Thanks to them for making these pics available from their flickr accounts.

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